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5 players who will disappoint in the 2016-17 season!

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The new season of the Spanish La Liga is already in full swing. The teams are already playing with each other. The new season promises to be really interesting, especially since the main rival of Barcelona is Real Madrid.
The main event of the season is the final match of the championship between Real and Barcelona. The previous season, the Catalans won the final, but this time they will be the main favorites.

The season is not going to be easy for the Catalonians. They have to play against the main rivals of the team, namely:
* Barcelona;
* Sevilla;

* Valencia.
In the current season, all of them will be very difficult for the team.
However, the main favorite of the tournament is Real. The team is not only the best in the country, but also has a great lineup and a good coach.
You can always follow the latest news on the website of sports statistics. Here you can always find the latest information about the matches of the teams and players of the La Liga.
La Liga Results
The current season of La Liga promises to become really interesting. The main rival for Barcelona is the Real Madrid team. This is not surprising, because the team is the main contender for the champion title.
Real is a team that has a long history. It has won the Champions League several times and has also won the Spanish Cup. This season, it is very difficult to predict the outcome of the matches between the teams.
It is not the first time that Real Madrid has won La Liga, and it will not be the last time.
This year, the team has a lot of new players. They are:
ยท Zinedine Zidane;
ยท Zinedo;
โ€ข Cristiano Ronaldo;
โ— Sergio Ramos.
All of them are able to make a big impact on the results of the club.
There are also rumors that the team will make a transfer of Neymar. The Brazilian player is considered to be one of the main sensations of the last season.
Now, the fans can follow the results on the sports statistics website. Here, you can find the results not only of the games of the Madrid team, but of other teams from the La liga.
Football News on Sports Statistics Website
The football season has already ended, and the results are already visible on the field. The fans can now watch the results and the statistics of the match on the site of sports information.
During the season, Barcelona and Real Madrid were the main contenders for the title. However, the current campaign of the Catalan team was not easy, because they were not able to win the Champions Cup.
Barcelona was the main winner of the Champions league, and they won the tournament for the third time. The current season is also remembered by the fans with the victory in the Champions cup.
Despite the fact that the Catalons were not the main winners of the league, they managed to win a place in the Europa League zone. This was the first success of the current coach of the Blau Granas.
Due to the fact, that the club has a good lineup, it can be considered to have a good chance of winning the tournament.
On the sports information website, you will always find all the latest results of matches of Barcelona and other teams. The site is updated in real time, and you can easily find out the results from the matches that are held in different parts of the world.
Here, you have access to the information from all over the world, and this is a great opportunity to not miss anything important.
Latest Results of Football Matches
The last season of European football was really interesting for the fans. The top teams from all around the world managed to fight for the main trophy of the year.
One of the most interesting matches of this season was the match between Manchester United and Liverpool. The game ended in a draw, but the fans were not satisfied with the result.
After the game, the players of Liverpool left the field, and a few minutes later, the ball was kicked out of the goal. The ball hit the wall of the stadium, and all the fans of the Red Devils were shocked.
Fans of Manchester United were not so lucky, because several players were injured. The club’s coach, Jose Mourinho, was also injured, and his replacement, David Moyes, managed to lead the team to the victory.
Manchester United finished the season in the top 4 of the EPL. This means that they will qualify for the Champions club tournament, which will be held in the summer.
At the moment, the Red devils are in the 4th position of the standings. However they have a great chance to get into the top-4, because their rivals are: Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester City.
If the team manages to qualify for this tournament, then they will have a chance to win gold medals.
Live Results of Matches of Football
Now it is much easier to follow the football results on a computer. The website of the sports results is a place where you can not only find the current results, but you can also find out information about previous games and the latest data.
Many fans are interested in the results, because it is the first step to the next season.

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