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Austrian Bundesliga predictions for next matches

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The season of the German championship is in full swing, and it’s time to give our predictions for the upcoming matches. The main focus of the season is the fight for the champion title, and the main contenders for the title are:
* Bayern;
* Borussia Dortmund;
• Borussia M.
The main struggle for the championship is not only in the elite division, but also in the lower divisions. In the Bundesliga, the teams are divided into groups, where the top teams of the standings play against the bottom teams. This is a great chance to see who will be able to enter the next round of the championship.
This season, the Bundesliga is a real battle for the gold medals. The teams are constantly changing, and this is reflected in the standings. The Bundesliga is not a simple tournament, where only the top 4 teams can be found.
Bundesliga fixtures
The upcoming matches of the Bundesliga are very interesting, because the teams have to play against each other in the first round. The first matches of this season have already shown that the fight is not over yet. The fight for gold medals is still very intense, and only the fight of the main favorites can be guaranteed.

The Bundesliga fixtures are very important, because it�

will be the first time that the teams will play in the Champions League. It is very important for the teams to get the right result in the German Championship. This will be the best opportunity to get into the Champions league for the next season.
In the Bundesliga fixtures, the main rivals of the teams that they will play against are:
* RB Leipzig;
* Borussia Monchengladbach;
* Bayern;
* Schalke.
All these teams have a great opportunity to win the champion titles.
Main favorites of the upcoming fixtures
Of course, the favorites of this tournament are the teams who have won it before. The team that has won it the most is Bayern. The Munich team has won the championship three times, and in the last season it was the main contender for the victory.
However, the team has been in the top-4 for a long time now. The previous season, it was in the middle of the tournament, but this year the team managed to get to the Champions Cup quarterfinals.
It is very difficult to get a result in this tournament, because there are a lot of matches ahead. However, the Bayern team has a great potential to win. The players have good teamwork, and they are able to decide the fate of the match in a split second.
Of the main competitors of the Munich team, we should mention the following teams:
1. Borussia D. The club has a long history of winning the Bundesliga. The last time it was not in the championship was in 2000. However this season, Borussia has already managed to win it, and now it is a favorite of the fixtures.
2. Hoffenheim. The coach of the team, Niko Kovac, is famous for his tactical decisions. He has already won the German Cup twice, and he is also a favorite in the Bundesliga games.
3. RB Leiber. The season of 2017 was a failure for the team. However in the season 2018, the club managed to enter into the top 5. The squad of the coach, Felix Magath, is able to win all the matches of his team.
4. Borac Čača. The current season of this team is not successful at all. The results of the club are not good, and so far, the coach of this club, Bojan, has not managed to find a solution for the problems.
5. Bayern. Bayern is a team that is able not only to win, but to do it in a convincing manner. The success of the squad of Thomas Müller is a testimony of this.
So far, it is clear that the upcoming Bundesliga fixtures will be really interesting. The matches will be held in the following cities:
• Munich;
• Freiburg;
· Borussia-Hertha;
· Borussia.
These are the main teams that the team will have to face in the upcoming season. The competitors of Bayern are: RB Leib, Hoffenheimer, Borac, RB Leipsic, and Borussia, which is a very interesting match for the fans.
Bayern Munich – Borussia
The team of Thomas Muller has been a main contender of the title for a very long time. The famous player of the Bayern Munich, Robert Lewandowski, is a main favorite of this fight. The German player has won a lot, and his team has only lost once.
As a result, the fans of the sport can expect a lot from the team of Lewandowski. The player is able, in a few seconds, to decide whether the game will go to the next stage or not.
At the moment, the chances of the Dortmund team are not so good, because they are not able to play in a tournament for a whole season. However the team is very strong, and its players are able not to lose points.
Team’ lineup
The lineup of the Borussia is also very interesting.

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