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Tottenham lineup for the next match in Premier League


Tottenham Hotspurs will be playing against the team of Manchester United in the next round of the Premier League. The Spurs have already won the first match of the season, which means that the team is in the leading position.
The main goal of the team for the upcoming season is to win the title of the best team in the world. Tottenham has already managed to win gold medals in the Champions League, so the team has a good chance to win a place in the elite.
However, the team’s rivals have a lot of chances to get into the top-4. The main rivals of Tottenham are Manchester City, Chelsea, and Liverpool. The last time the Spurs played in the Premier league was in the season of 2013-2014, when the team was defeated by the Citizens.

The Spurs lineup for this match is quite simple. The team has already played with the lineup of the main leaders. The following players are in the starting lineup:
* Kane;
* Son;
* Son Heung-Min;
* Christian Eriksen;

The team”s lineup for matches against the rivals is quite diverse. The players of the Spurs are able to play in almost any position on the field.
Next match of Tottenham will be held on the 8th of August. The match will be broadcasted live on the sports statistics website. The schedule of the match is available on the website of sports statistics.
Follow the latest news on the development of the game on the reliable resource. The information is updated in real time.
Who will win the match of Spurs against Manchester United?
The Tottenham Hotspur is one of the strongest teams in the English Premier League, and the team plays in the top division of the English football. The previous season, the Spurs won the title, and this time they will be able to repeat the success.
It is worth noting that the Spurs have a good lineup for each match. The lineup of Son is quite stable, and he can be used in almost every match.
Among the rivals of the Tottenham Hotspurt, Manchester United is the main rival. The Red Devils have a number of strong players, and they are able not only to score goals, but also to prevent the Spurs from scoring goals.
In the upcoming match, the Tottenham will have a chance to prove that they are the best in the league. The rivals of Manchester will try to stop the Spurs’ progress. The game will be quite tense, because the Red Devils are much stronger than the Spurs.
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Tennis results of the next matches
The tennis season is in full swing, and it is now possible to follow the results of matches of the world’sl best players.
This year, the top tennis players have already played in a number tournaments. The tennis season has already ended, and now the best tennis players will compete in the Grand Slam tournaments.
Top tennis players are able, thanks to the development and progress of technology, to play at the highest level. The top tennis stars are able in particular to win Grand Slam trophies.
There is a chance that the next season the tennis world will see the rise of a new star. This year, Novak Djokovic became the champion of the year. The Serb won the tournament of the Roland Garros with a score of 7:6.
Djokovic is a player who is able to perform in the match against the strongest opponents. He is able not to lose points, and even in the matches against a number opponents he managed to score points.
Novak Djoko is a tennis player who has already won a number tennis tournaments. Djokovics performance in the tennis tournament of Roland Garroso is the best example of this.
He is able, despite the fact that he is not the best player, to score a lot points. Djoko has already scored a number points in the tournament, and his victory over Rafael Nadal in the final of the tournament was a real triumph.
After the victory, Djoko was awarded with the title “Best Tennis Player of the Year”.
At the same time, Novaks tennis results in the year 2018 were not so successful. Djako lost the title to Nadal, and in the end the Serb lost the tournament to Federer.
But Djokos tennis results are not the only interesting ones in the sports world. The next season will be a busy one, because there will be many tournaments. You can follow tennis results on the site of sports information.
Live tennis results of your favorite competitions
The live tennis results will be available to you in the form of a calendar. The calendar is divided into sections, which correspond to the different competitions.
For example, the tennis results section is divided in the following sections:
1. Tennis Masters;
2. ATP World Tour Masters 1000;
3. ITF Futures;
4. Grand Slam Series;
5. Tennis Championships.
Each section has a name corresponding to the tournament. The live tennis result section is available for you to follow.

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