You are currently viewing 5 Premier League stars who are in danger of missing out on the World Cup

5 Premier League stars who are in danger of missing out on the World Cup

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The start of the new season of the English Premier League has already seen a lot of intrigue and the fight for the title. Now, it is even more important to focus on the fight of the outsiders, because the main favorites are already at the top of the standings.

The main contenders for the champion title are:
1. Liverpool;
2. Manchester City;
3. Chelsea;
4. Arsenal.
All of them have a good chance of winning the coveted trophy. However, the main contenders are not the only ones. In fact, other clubs are also very close to the champion’s gold medals.
The Premier League table is a good indicator of the fight in the fight. It is easy to follow the results of the matches, as they are available on the sports statistics website
What are the main rivals of the leaders?
The following clubs are the most likely competitors of the Liverpool and Manchester City:
* Tottenham;
* Chelsea;
* Arsenal.
These clubs are already in the top four of the Premier League, and they are very close in terms of the number of points.
However, the most dangerous rivals of Liverpool and Chelsea are Tottenham and Arsenal. The Spurs are in the middle of the table, and the Gunners are in a very difficult position. The club is not in the Champions League, but it is still a contender for the Europa League.
In the current season, the club has a lot to do, because it has to fight against the following rivals:
· Southampton;
· Manchester United;
and Liverpool.
It is easy for Arsenal to get into the Champions league zone, but the club needs to do a lot more to get there.
You can always follow the Premier league table on the website of sports statistics. Here, you will find the results not only of the top clubs, but also of the teams from the lower divisions.
Who will win the title of the best team in the Premier?
In general, the Premier is a very tough league, and it is easy not to finish in the first position. However it is also important to finish high in the standings, because this will allow you to get a place in the Europa league.
This season, Manchester City is the main contender for winning the title, and Liverpool is also in the leading position. Chelsea is a close second, and Arsenal is in third place.
But the most interesting fight in this season is between the clubs from the top division. Manchester United and Tottenham are not far behind, and their fight is also very interesting.
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How to watch the Premier on the web?
Now, it has become much easier to follow all the results on the 777score website. Here you will always find all the necessary information about the matches of the premier league, as well as the results from other tournaments.
Of course, now it is much easier, because now you can watch the matches on your computer, as the information is available on a mobile phone.
Now you can follow the latest news on the Premier in real time. It has become even easier to do this, as now it has been implemented a new feature that will allow to do it even when you are on the go.
Thanks to this, you have a chance to not miss anything important. You just need to go to the website, and you will see the results in full.
Football results of all the matches
The new season has already brought a lot not only in the championship of England, but in many other leagues of the world. Now it is easier to find the latest information about them.
For example, you should know about the results and fixtures of the ChampionsLeague matches. These are the matches that are held in the last rounds of the tournament.
These matches are held between the top European clubs, and this season they are:
· Barcelona;

Real Madrid;

· Bayern;
Tottenham Hotspur.
Many of them are in serious trouble, but they are still able to fight for gold medals, because they have a lot at stake.
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Now it is possible to follow football results not just on the main championship, but on a lot other tournaments, too.
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On these websites, you get the latest results of matches that have already taken place. You can even follow the news on a specific match, because today it is the Champions or Europa League that is the most important.
Do not miss any important event, and use the information that is available here.
Where can you find the football results?
This is a question that is asked by millions of people every day. Now you can find the answers to this question on the internet.

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