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Napoli schedule of matches and fixtures

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The new season of the Italian Serie A is now in full swing. The new season promises to be a real treat for fans, because the Serie A will see the return of some of the strongest teams in the world. The main intrigue of the new season is the fight for the title of the best team in the country.
The first matches of the championship will be held on the first weekend of August, and the main intrigue is the struggle for the champion title. The teams that will fight for it are:
* Juventus;
* Napoli;
• Inter.
Juventus is the main contender for the gold medals. The team has been in the leading position for a long time, and it is now trying to get back to the top. The club has already managed to win the Champions League and the Super Cup, and now it is trying to win another trophy.
Napoli is also a strong contender for winning the title. This season, the club has strengthened its lineup significantly, and this will be very important for the team. The players of the team are very motivated, and they are ready to do their best in order to win gold medals again.
In the new Serie A, the teams have to play in a number of matches against each other, which will be interesting for fans. The Serie A has a long history, and there have been several champion titles in the past. It is also interesting to watch the matches of teams that have recently won the title, such as:
• Milan;
* Milan;
* Inter.
The teams that are fighting for the championship title are:
1. Juventus. The squad of the legendary player, which has won the champion trophy for the last three years, is now aiming to get the title once again. The Turin club has a numberof players who have already won the Champions Cup. The most interesting of them is the midfielder, who has already won two cups. The Italian team is very confident and has a great lineup.
2. Napoli. The legendary coach of the club, who won the Italian Cup three times, is back to lead the team again. This time, the team is stronger than ever, and its lineup is also very good. The Napoli players are very confident, and have a good understanding with their opponents.
3. Inter. The famous team from Milan is back in the championship, and is now led by the legendary Gianfranco Zola. The coach has a good lineup, and his players are ready for any challenge.
All the information about the upcoming matches is available on the sports statistics website. It offers the latest information from the world of the SerieA. The season promises not to be boring for fans and for the teams, because they have to fight for a place in the Champions’ League zone.

Latest Serie A results
The season of Italian football is in full progress, and fans can watch the results of the matches on the website of sports statistics. This year, the Serie a has a lot of interesting matches, and many of them will be the main contenders for the victory in the national championship.
This year, Juventus has a very good lineup. The leading players are: Cristiano Ronaldo, Keylor Navas, and Fabio Cannavaro. The latter has already scored a lot, and he is now ready to take the lead in the attack. The other players of this lineup are: Danilo, Douglas Costa, and Giorgio Chiellini.
At the same time, Napoli is not as strong as Juventus. This is the reason why the team has a rather small lineup. However, the players of Napoli are very talented, and are able to make the team even stronger. The lineup of the squad of Gennaro Gattuso is also quite good.
Fans can follow the results on the Sports Statistics website, where the information is updated in real time. The website of the sports statistic is a great resource for fans of the national football championship. It provides the latest news from the Seriea, as well as the results from matches of other national championships.
Latest news from Serie A
The Serie A season has already ended, and a lot has been seen on the field. The championship of Italy is one of the most intense in the history of the game. The fans of football can now enjoy the results, as many matches are still ahead.
Many teams have already managed the title this year, and their players are now ready for the next step in their careers. The strongest teams of the country are: Juventus, Napol, Inter, and Milan. The last three clubs have already had a lot to do, and each of them has had to play with a number that is significantly higher than the others.
However, the main surprise of the season was the performance of Inter. This team has not been in a good shape for a very long time. However the team managed to finish in the top-4 of the standings, and managed to achieve a good result. The Inter players are in a great mood, and want to win a lot more trophies.
As for the main favorites of the tournament, they are: Milan, Napolo, Roma, and Inter. However this season, all the clubs have a number significantly higher.

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